how to be sure your web marketing business survives the google panda update

How to Be Sure Your Web Marketing Business Survives the Google Panda Update

6419730339_8429b3e190_m.jpg This is nice but when you are a web marketer, it’s natural to be concerned about the changes this update has caused through the market. Places such as HubPages and Ezine Articles have been hit especially hard, which might have been where a great deal of your visitors was originating from. Naturally this does not imply that you are on the way to failing. Actually, now the traffic you get is going to be even more highly targeted and interested in what it is you’re selling. Needless to say, for this to happen you need to be able to work with the system.

So how could you get this done?

Stop keyword stuffing your content. It’s great to focus on a keyword or two but you shouldn’t try to smash them into your content in places where they don’t fit. This is one of the most important rules in content writing in general but it is a lot more important now. Panda has increased the intelligence of the Google spiders. They can tell when a keyword is used in a natural way and when it’s forced.

Your web site needs frequent updates. Adding content is a very good way to do this. It may be through a blog that sees updates regularly. It can be because you happen to be constantly polishing your content. Regardless of what method you choose, update frequently so that Google crawls your site regularly. Since its Panda update, Google values active websites even more than they ever have previously. The longer you go between updates, the lower you’re going to be in the listings.

Only allow completely unique content to be published to your site. Do not use recycled PLR content. Never use something you got from an open source article database. Google Panda will punish you badly for using duplicate content–even if that content simply appears duplicated. Unoriginal content is a good way to get your site brushed aside by the Google bots and spiders completely. That can’t be healthy for your bottom line, can it?

Work harder to build top quality links both to and from other sites. You have to actually earn your backlinks from websites which have good reputations. Making use of directories and traffic funnels is not going to help you fake your popularity with Google any longer. Google wants to be sure that your link is legit so they also examine the source. This means that you should literally earn the back links you get.

There are lots of things you could do to make sure your website and business are Panda compliant. Many of them are nothing more than good sense. Look at what you really want to find when you search and then be sure your site matches that. If you do this, you’ll be ok.

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